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Low cost repair and refurbishment of sculling blades and sweep oars

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Damaged or worn blades?

Don’t replace them, get us to professionally refurbish them at a fraction of the price of a new set

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Mobile 07831 279134

Before   repair                                                                                       Re built spoon

Damaged  or worn  Blades

Macon Blades

Vortex Edges

Croker sleeves

Broken shaft

From £70 per spoons

From £140 per pair

From £18 fitted

From £28 per spoon

From £38 per blade

From £70 per blade

Bladerite can also replace blade handles and wedges, re paint spoons, alter sculls and oars from fixed length to adjustable and many other services.

Please ask us for a quote.

All  Bladerite repairs and refurbishments are carried out using the finest quality materials and adhesives using sound, tried and tested methods. Each repair comes with a one year, no quibble warranty covering materials and workmanship

Replace one or both spoons


Convert your old Macon or Smoothie 1 blades with new spoons

Replace  worn or damaged Vortex Edge

Re profile damaged Spoon and fit Vortex Edge

Replace worn sleeves with Mark 1 and Mark 3 sleeves and buttons

Custom built insert  for broken or split shaft

Blade and Oar Repairs

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Blade Repair

Examples of our work

Send a description of the oar or blade damage along with photos showing the damaged area and we will reply with a quotation within 24 hours.

How we check pitch accuracy  

Bladerite are Approved Oar and Scull repairers for Elite Rowing Insurance

Repairs and servicing to Concept2 Rowing machines can be carried out by

We do not repair wooden oars and sculls however we recommend

New Sleeves

New Grips

Full Refurbishment

Minor Spoon repairs


Rebuild spoon edge

Worn   Back of spoon

Fit New sleeves and set to 0 Degree pitch

Fit new Grip

Replace Sleeves,  Button, Grips

And  repair of Spoons.

Repair of chips, minor laminate damage and minor tip wear

Re build  worn spoon edge to original measurement/thickness

Re profile a worn spoon back and tube (spine)

From £38 fitted

From £8 per blade

From £150 per pair

From £20per  spoon

From £20 per  spoon

From £20 per spoon

All Bladerite personnel who visit schools and club boathouses are CRB cleared (Enhanced  disclosure)