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Low cost repair and refurbishment of sculling blades and sweep oars

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Damaged or worn blades?

Don’t replace them, get us to professionally refurbish them at a fraction of the price of a new set

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Terms and Conditions

Bladerite accept payment by cheque, cash on delivery or collection and PayPal. All goods remain the property of Bladerite until payment is received in full or cheque is cleared. For orders in excess of £400 a deposit of thirty (30)% of the total invoice value is required. All claims for damage during delivery, or defects, must be notified within 2 working days of delivery or collection. These Terms do not affect your statutory rights.

Terms and Conditions

Bladerite Warranty

All New rowing and sculling blades come complete with a Warranty for replacement or repair covering all components, material or manufacturing failure. The warranty period is Two years for New sculls or sweep oars and  One year for re furbished equipment  or repairs.

1. Bladerite warrants that the goods described in this warranty are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase, subject to the terms outlined below.

2. Under no circumstances will Bladerite  be liable to the purchaser of the equipment, user  or any other person for any special, Incidental or consequential damages , whether arising out of  breach of warranty or otherwise.

3. This warranty extends to the original purchaser of the product warranted hereunder and to each transferee owner of the product during the term of the warranty if Bladerite are notified of said transfer.

4. The warranty covers Sculling Blades, Sweep oars and each of their factory fitted component parts. The  warranty does not cover normal product wear (wearing parts include, but are not limited to, spoons, grips, sleeves, and collars) and any product failure caused in transit or by off water damage, or any misuse or damage to the product while in the possession of the purchaser. The oars are designed to withstand the forces generated under normal racing shell use. The warranty specifically excludes use that over-taxes the design limits of the oars, such as full power rowing with less than a full complement of rowers either rowing or absent from the boat.

5. In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, Bladerite will remedy the failure or defect, or replace the product if appropriate, without charge to the consumer, within 30 business days of its receipt of the oar or the part that is the subject of the warranty claim, together with the information described below.  If the product is replaced, any replacement will be a new item in year one (1) or a similar condition product in year two (2). Any replacement product will be subject to the original term of warranty which is two (2) years from the date of delivery of the original product. A replacement item does not extend the warranty period.

6. This warranty and the provisions therein are in lieu of any other warranty , whether expressed or implied, written or oral. Any amendments or alterations  to the terms of this warranty must be agreed in writing by Bladerite and the purchaser. Any unauthorised alteration of the product or the replacement of component parts with non original items will void this warranty in its entirety.  

Warranty Process

To make a claim  the following steps must be adhered to:

a. Write a description of the problem. Please include the following items:

i. Describe the flaw or damage with as much detail as possible.

ii. Describe the circumstance when the flaw became apparent.

iii. On what date did the flaw become apparent?

iv. What crew type uses the oar most frequently (e.g., men’s heavyweight 8+)

v. Provide a detailed photograph by email or post of the fault or damage prior to returning any component or the oar itself

vi. Represent that no misuse occurred; such as a collision, prior collision, full power rowing with less than a full boat, or other instance of over-taxing the design limits of the oar.

b. Send the defective part to Bladerite if requested..

c. The customer is responsible for all shipping/carriage costs when returning the warranty item. Despatch of the replacement or repaired item to the customer will be at Bladerites expense

Extended Warranty and Accidental breakage cover.

Bladerite offers an Extended Accidental Damage Cover on all New Blades supplied covering damage caused during racing or training sessions. This damage cover is not applicable to blades damaged in transit or used outside conventional training or racing purposes.  Any damaged or broken blade must be returned to Bladerite for examination prior to any claim being accepted.  Fair wear or tear will be taken into consideration and subject to agreement.

1 year Accidental Breakage cover.   £15.00 per Blade

2 year Accidental Breakage cover.   £32.00 per Blade

3 year Accidental Breakage cover.   £49.00 per Blade

Bladerite guarantee to hold in stock for the duration of the Extended Accidental Damage Warranty period a pair of matched blades from the same manufacturing batch to ensure compatibility with original set( applies to sets of 8 oar (sweep or sculling) blades only). For sets of 4 and 2 we will supply a replacement blade to the same specification.