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Low cost repair and refurbishment of sculling blades and sweep oars

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How good coaching makes good crews

Rowing  speed and Rigging calculator that enables you to precisely set up your boat

Damaged or worn blades?

Don’t replace them, get us to professionally refurbish them at a fraction of the price of a new set

How to get back in a capsized single

Rigging your boat to make the most of your rowing

Rowing and Sculling Techniques

You can have the best equipment, high level of fitness and a real passion to win races but if your technique is not up to scratch you will always be up against it. These are a few of the rowing and coaching techniques and guidelines I have used in the past that can help to improve the performance of rowers and scullers of all abilities. I hope they help. If you have your own personal methods you would like to share, feel free to send them to us and we will include them in this section. Let us know if you want your contribution to credited or anonymous.

The Rowing stroke explained

The Basic Rowing Stroke     

Olympic Double Demonstration

How it should be done ( Sculling)     

Detailed sculling video

How it should be done

Coaching Tips

   Rigging explained      

In depth look at how a single should be rigged.

   Rigging a single    

This page is currently being developed and expanded.

We will be adding articles and video links that are designed to help you improve your overall rowing performance.

If you have any article or a favourite coaching tip you wish to share please email it to us on and we will post it on here. Let us know if you want your name to appear in the credit

How the force of the stroke should be applied

What moves the boat Photos of Excellent Rowing   

What the perfect stroke looks like

The perfect sculling stroke    Safety First    
biorow The importance of coaching The importance of coaching